Tattoos by Amber

Art by Amber



Hometown: Stanford, Kentucky

     I've been tattooing since July of 2015. I've always had an interest in art as far back as I can remember and knew that I would want to go into a career that revolved around it. Not only that, but I wanted a challenge and so far tattooing has been the best thing to really push me to improve my ability to draw. Thanks to a mutual friend between Chad Sinkhorn and I, I was able to actually get my foot in the door. While I've not been here at Studio Ink as long as the other artists, I've still gotten a great taste of various styles of tattooing. Personally, I find realistic and neo traditional tattoos to be the more interesting and fun styles to work with. When I'm not wrapped up in work, I love to travel and go out on road trips. If I had the opportunity to do so more often I would. As an artist, seeing new sights and places always motivates and inspires me for future artwork. Of course, there has to be some good music for these trips.  I have a very diverse taste in music. Honestly, the playlist can go from Godsmack and Slipknot to Adele or Miley Cyrus in .5 seconds. It all just depends on my mood that day. I'm also a total movie fanatic, which is most likely what you'll find me doing if I'm not at work or going on some random adventure. I don't have one particular favorite movie, but my favorite genres are comedy, horror, and sappy romance... don't judge me. As a tattoo artist I get asked A LOT of questions, some that are actually pretty ridiculous or even hilarious. But the one most frequently asked would be "Do you do tats?" To answer any future clients, YES. I am a tattoo artist and yes I do tattoos for a living. All jokes aside, I love my job and wouldn't want it any other way. It's satisfying to know I'm not your average Joe working a 9-5 job. Like Dr. Suess always said, "You have to be odd to be number one."